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Here at Left Leaning Merchandise, we're all about proudly displaying our progressive politics with unique style and flair! Our ranges of satirical merch are designed to cover a diverse range of left wing causes and ideologies, from silly satirical takes to showing support for minority and working rights movements. 

Our small team is made up of progressive designers and is led by British political cartoonist Paul Thomas. After a long career as a satirical cartoonist and having his work appear in nearly every major UK newspaper, Paul made the decision to take the leap into designing political clothing and satirical merch, and Left Leaning Merchandise was born!

Some of Paul's incredible achievements throughout his career:

Paul Thomas was born in Hertfordshire in 1961 and gained his love for political cartoons at a young age, after seeing Nicholas Garland’s cartoons in his parents' Daily Telegraph. He first published one of his own cartoons in a local paper when he was just 15 years old, showing the former UK prime minister Edward Heath.

Paul studied at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, entering the world of freelance artistry soon after graduation. Over the coming years, Paul would go on to publish his cartoons in the biggest newspapers in the UK and worked in a number of more specialised roles, from cartoon editor to pocket cartoonist, sports cartoonist, and business cartoonist. For 8 years, Paul also taught graphic design and illustration at the University of Hertfordshire.

Paul’s work has appeared in:

  • The Sunday Times
  • The Times
  • The Independent
  • The Guardian
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Daily Express
  • Private Eye
  • The Tablet
  • Shares Magazine
  • Spectator
  • Punch Magazine


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Bring Your Ideas To Life

Do you have an idea for a satirical cartoon but aren't quite sure how to put it together? We offer bespoke political cartoons designed to your specification, which can be printed on any of our products!