Bespoke Political Satire

We offer bespoke political cartoons and tailor-made designs for those with a specific vision in mind, which can then be printed on any of our products! Get in touch to discuss your bespoke merch.

Here at Left Leaning Merchandise, we've designed and curated our collections of progressive apparel and merchandise with the aim of providing something for every leftie need! Our extensive ranges of political t-shirts, hoodies, posters, mugs, and phone cases include silly satirical cartoons, expressing support for minority rights, celebrations of diversity and equality, and statements of political support or opposition to modern policies or politicians. We also aim to provide a option for you no matter how you want to display your politics. So whether you want to wear your statement, drink from it, decorate your house with it, or even protect your phone with it, we have you covered!

But of course, we can't offer everybody's ideal political products. Lefties in different countries or states have different priorities and wish to show their ideologies in their own way. This is where our bespoke service comes in!

Our small design team is led by British political cartoonist Paul Thomas, who has offered bespoke satirical cartoons alongside his regular entries in major UK newspapers for many years. Now we're bringing his bespoke design service to all of our designs!


Bespoke changes to any product can take a number of forms:


Minor Changes

If you see a product you love on our website, but it isn't quite right, we may be able to help with no extra charge! Perhaps your chosen colour isn't available in your size, so you'd like to see the next closest we could offer you. Maybe you love one of our t-shirt designs, but you can't see it on a mug like you wanted. For minor changes like altering a product's colour, size, or applying the design to a different product, get in touch with our team today and we'll do everything we can to get you the perfect variation of our product at no additional cost.


Bespoke Products

For anything beyond minor changes, our bespoke design service will cover anything that you need!

With our bespoke merchandise, you have complete freedom to edit our designs or create new ones to match your precise needs.

Whether you'd like to alter one of our designs for your specifications, re-create one of our designs but re-focused on a different person or movement, or have us create an entirely new design based on your prompts and ideas, our bespoke design service is right for you.

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Bring Your Ideas To Life

Do you have an idea for a satirical cartoon but aren't quite sure how to put it together? We offer bespoke political cartoons designed to your specification, which can be printed on any of our products!