Left Wing Merch For Every Occasion

Here at Left Leaning Merchandise we have progressive apparel and accessories for every need! Our ranges of leftie merch are designed by our small team led by political cartoonist Paul Thomas. If you’re looking to make a statement with some progressive merch, we’re sure to have something perfect for you! Take a look below at a few of the collections we have on offer at the moment:

Progressive T-Shirts
Our left-wing t-shirts are designed to cover a wide range of progressive causes and ideologies! From showing your support for minority rights movements to protesting the corruption of our right wing government, our political t-shirts are uniquely designed, high-quality, and make for perfect demonstration wear.

Political Mugs
Whether you’re reaching for your first morning coffee or your late evening hot chocolate, if you’re a proud leftie you’ll want to be doing it from one of our left-wing mugs! Like many of our product ranges, our progressive mugs vary from serious political statements to outright silly satire cartoons, so we’re bound to have a design you love.

Left Wing Posters
For the progressive leftie with a flair for interior design we have a range of satirical and political posters depicting a host of left wing ideas and designs. With a myriad of cheeky satirical takes and pop culture references to choose from, what are you waiting for? Choose your newest leftie wall art today!

Anti-Trump Sale Now On!
We are rapidly approaching the year when Donald Trump will attempt his return to the White House, and we definitely still haven’t recovered from the first time around yet! Trump’s tenure ended in fire and death as a violent mob of his supporters attacked the capitol building and rioted in response to his losing the election. We want everybody to say NO to Trump in 2024, so we’re offering 10% off all anti-Trump products!

Whatever your need or fancy, Left Leaning Merchandise has something for every leftie looking to express their progressive politics in style! Browse our ranges of left-wing merch, anti-Trump hoodies, or pro-equality t-shirts, to find your perfect political statement today.

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